BA (Bachelor of Arts): General Music Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is an academic music program which is designed for a student who plans to become a composer, conductor, college music teacher, theorist, musicologist, arranger, music librarian, or critic. This program provides a solid, structured musical education and a firm foundation for more advanced career studies. The program is a traditional, classically-based program, but may be useful for those pursuing careers in music business, arts management, and music publishing. Taking the Music Qualifying Exam is required for this program.

BA with Music Education

The Bachelor of Arts with Music Education prepares students for New York State Initial Teacher Certification in Music PreK-12. This program (coordinated with theĀ Division of Education) provides a solid structured musical education and a firm foundation in music pedagogy for students preparing to teach in public or private schools. These students complete the college liberal arts studies, the basic music curriculum, along with education and music education classes. Taking the Music Qualifying Exam is required for this program.

BMus (Bachelor of Music): Performance Program

Admission to this professional performance program is by competitive audition for qualified instrumentalists and singers. The program is planned to equal the training available in a conservatory course of study. It includes private instruction in the major instrument, ensemble requirements, and a senior recital, in addition to the required music curriculum, and a modified academic sequence. In addition to auditions, taking the Music Qualifying Exam is required for this program.

Bachelor of Music Degree with Music Education Certificate

This program is for students who have been accepted into the Bachelor of Music program but also wish to pursue teacher certification. For the first two years students follow the standard Bachelor of Music curriculum including the college liberal arts requirements. Beginning in their junior year they add the music education sequence and education courses required for certification. Typically this will require at least one additional year of study in order to meet all requirements including student teaching. The fifth year will be done as part of the advanced certificate program following the student’s graduation with the Bachelor of Music degree. Students in this program will be automatically admitted to the advanced certificate program upon their Bachelor of Music graduation. Taking performance auditions and Music Qualifying Exam are required for this program.

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